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Kerry & Daniel – The Real Thing…

Wedding Tales Posted on Fri, July 02, 2010 00:22:36

Last weekend I was in north Kent to photograph the wedding of Kerry and Daniel. For those who know Kerry (and particularly those who are friends with her on Facebook!) will know just how excited she has been in the build up to her wedding. I had begun to wonder if the morning before the wedding was going to reach fever pitch but when I got there everyone was very cool and relaxed, sipping glasses of champagne.

Here’s Kerry with a glass of bubbly while her hairstylist Trudy (Hair Up) began to get to work…

… and then it was the turn of the bridesmaids and flower girl.

I’m always on the look out for the details at weddings as couples (well, normally the bride anyway!) often spend loads of time and effort getting everything just right for their wedding. I couldn’t believe it when Kerry told me that she had painstakingly glued hundreds of tiny, sparkly ‘jewels’ on to the heels of her shoes, but here’s the proof…

Then it was time for the make-up…

…and yet more relaxing…

…before deciding she really ought to put on her georgous dress.

And how fantastic did Kerry’s flower girl and page boy look? Very…

So then it was off to the All Souls Church in Crockenhill near Swanley where I found Daniel with the guys looking very cool…

All Souls is a very pretty church and it was packed to the rafters with family and friends to witness the marriage ceremony.

Then we all headed off to The Woodlands in Swanley, with Kerry and Daniel travelling in style in beautifully restored VW, courtesy of Kerry’s Dad.

We then managed to grab a few quiet moments to take some really great portraits in woods.

There are one or two really special shots (thanks to Kerry’s bravery!) but I’m going to save them for when Kerry and Daniel get back from honeymoon. Once they’ve had a look I’ll post them here for everyone to have a look…

Kerry and Daniel’s Rehearsal

Wedding Tales Posted on Mon, June 21, 2010 00:51:19

Last week I popped along to Kerry and Daniel’s wedding rehearsal to check out the church, meet the most important people who are going to be there and for them to get used to me pointing the camera at them.

The church is a delightful one and is situated in Crockenhill, Kent and Linda, who will be taking the service, was very relaxed about everything which out everyone at ease (including mesmiley).

Some last minute minor details were sorted out and everything is good to go for the wedding proper…

The two bridesmaids looked on thoughtfully and intently…

… and hopefully Zoe will remember about what we discussed on how to hold the flowers when it comes to the real thing smiley.

The wedding ceremony has been practiced with the ‘wills’ and ‘dos’ sorted out…

… but on the day there will be no pretending…

… and I do know that when Kerry and Daniel walk back down the isle on the day there will be a few very proud people looking on.

Oh yeah, I’m not sure who was giving who advice and on what but Daniel and his Best Man, Scott, looked to be deep in discussion.

I can’t wait for the real thing now smiley

Alex & Hannah at Ratsbury Barn

Wedding Tales Posted on Mon, September 08, 2008 01:17:35

Alex and Hannah found a delightful barn, called Ratsbury, in which to get married. Deep in the Kent countryside, if you looked carefully enough the signs were there…..

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…..but there were also some more obvious ones!

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The barn itself is a fantastic setting for a wedding…..

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…… with delightful touches added by Alex and Hannah.

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But if you’re in a barn, in Kent, what do you use to decorate the barn? Hops of course!

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If there was one word to sum up the whole day I guess it would have to be relaxed. We were promised gales and torrential rain but, although we were in fact very lucky with the weather, nothing would have dampened spirits.

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As with nearly all Kent weddings, the ceremony was beautiful yet relaxed at the same time – must be something to do with our Registrarssmiley.

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Then it was time for a well deserved, celebratory drink……

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…… and a few moments away from it all, together.

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Although due to the somewhat breezy, cool conditions the meal was eaten inside, the food was still hot off the bar-b-que.

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Various games were laid on and the children were certainly kept entertained ……

Blog Image
….. but there was some serious competition between the bigger boys!

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Alex and Hannah planned to end the day with the traditional confetti throwing but then the heavens opened for the first time that day. The braver ones stuck around, not to be beaten by the weather.

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Then for the happy couple it was off to Eastwell Manor to spend the night in complete luxury. From the look of them, I think it’s a lifestyle they could certainly get used to!

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Monika and Lee – A First Look

Wedding Tales Posted on Tue, July 29, 2008 01:09:20

Alphorn Blower, Wedding Newspapers and some interesting games!……..

Well Monika and Lee’s wedding was held in Ramsgate, Kent but there were some very definite Swiss influences as that is where Monika originally hails from. As you might expect the proceedings went like clockwork (without the cuckoos!) but a really fun day was had by all.

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The day started fairly relaxed with a trip to the hairdressers for hair-dos and manicures….

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…..and then back to Monika’s to get prepared for the big event.

Blog ImageBlog Image

The wedding was held at St Ethelbert’s RC Church where a beautiful ceremony took place without a hitch. We even had some pretty cool flower girls!

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Then we all headed over to St Augustine’s where the swiss fun really started. With a party about 35 strong the Swiss contingent were determined to leave their mark by having some traditional Swiss entertainment and they did not disappoint. First of we were all welcomed by an Alphorn Blower…..

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At the meal even the favours had a Swiss influence….

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….. and the guests were presented with a Wedding Newspaper all about Monika and Lee’s past lives leading up to todays events – with sections in both
English and Swiss-German of course.

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There was time for the traditions that the English guests would have found more familiar like confetti throwing and cake cutting……

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……but then it was back to more fun and games . This time while Monika did the washing up and Lee the drying, but to make it a bit more interesting the couple were separated by a sheet so that they couldn’t see eachother. Yep, you guessed it – Monika had to throw the dishes to Lee over the sheet! We had a ‘smashing’ time to say the least!

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It was then on to the evening reception where the entertainment was a little more ‘usual’ but no less fun. We were even treated to some dancing by Lee, for which he is apparently quite infamous amoung his friends…..

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More images will appear on-line once the happy couple have had a chance to have the first viewing.

Monika and Lee – The Rehearsal

Wedding Tales Posted on Sat, July 26, 2008 00:04:23

Well the big day is looming large for Monika and Lee and our last meeting before the big day was for the rehearsal.

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It gave us the chance to run through the proceedings in a relaxed atmosphere but more importantly for me I was able to assess the light – I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a light and airy church – fantastic! I also now know for sure where people will be standing and what’s going to happen when, therefore I will be to catch all the important moments!

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The best man and chief bridesmaid came along, as did Monika’s father who will be giving her away and Monika made sure he was following the instructions!

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So all bodes well for a perfect day which I’m sure will run according to plan……smiley

If you would like to see the rest of the photos from the rehearsal then have a look here

A Helping Hand – Part 2

Wedding Tales Posted on Tue, July 01, 2008 00:31:01

We were right – it was a long hard day/night but I loved every minute of it. It’s now Monday night and I spent most of Sunday recovering (as well as watching the final of EURO 2008).

The party was awesome and the organisers had thought of everything, right down to the tiniest details. But this gave us a massive range of items and events the photographer had to include and more importantly get right – just like a wedding often there is only one opportunity and in these situations you have to make every shot count.

We got to the venue late morning and stayed right through till about 1am, therefore we had just about every situation and lighting to deal with that you would expect at a wedding (except we didn’t have a church or any rain!smiley) from blazing midday sun, indoor and outdoor portraits, candid shots, detail shots, a beautiful evening through to dancing under the disco lights. Throw in a firework display after dark and well, you’ve pretty much got the lot.

I’ve seen some of the first images and the main photographer did a fantastic job – in some ways for me it’s a privilege to be part of an event like that. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve found something where I can put in a 14 hour shift, work hard, learn a bundle and have fun at the same time………..

………..and it just makes me want to do it even more.smiley

A Helping Hand

Wedding Tales Posted on Fri, June 27, 2008 16:50:30

Tomorrow I’m off to assist another Kent photographer with a shoot he’s undertaking.

Not a wedding this time, but a HUGE party and the hosts have asked him to capture anything and everything that happens, including kicking off with some portraits of their family members right up to the fireworks at the the end of the evening!

I’m sure it’s going to hard work but should also be a lot of fun!

I’m beginning to find that here in Kent there are many fellow photographers who, rather than keep themselves to themselves and jealously guard their business, are willing to help eachother out and share experiences. It’s almost like a small community in itself.

So why would businesses that are ‘competing’ against each other be willing to share and help one another?

Well, often it’s not possible to do a shoot on your own, particularly with all the equipment that is sometimes required. So you need someone who is reliable and willing to carry the heavy bags, help set up the lighting and sometimes second shoot. For the person who’s doing the assisting it’s a great way of learning how other photographers work, picking up tips and tricks etc.

It also seems to me that normally those that are open and willing to welcome fellow photographers are the ones who are confident in their own talents and businesses (normally justifiably so!). Plus each photogrpaher will have something sightly different to offer so even the most established ones realise there’s always something new to try or learn.

So at the end of the day, hopefully it’s a win-win situation. I know that I would not dream of treading on anyone’s ‘business toes’ (I’d like to think I’m more professional than that!smiley).

Hopefully the weather will be on our side, as it’s pretty much an outdoor event, and once I’ve recovered I’ll post about how we got on.

Monika and Lee’s Pre-wedding Shoot

Wedding Tales Posted on Wed, June 25, 2008 23:00:41

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I met with Monika and Lee the other night to run through their forthcoming wedding arrangements and we decided it would be a good idea to head off and have a pre-wedding shoot there and then.

It was a lovely evening and the sun was beginning to give that magical soft light (all you photographers out there will know what I mean!smiley) so we headed off to Pegwell Bay, near Ramsgate to fire off a few shots.

So what’s the point of a pre-wedding shoot (apart from hopefully getting some nice images!)?

Well it’s a good opportunity for the happy couple to get used to me and me to them. It’s extremely important to me that we have a good rapport otherwise the photos on the big day won’t be the best possible, which is what we all want.

Secondly it gets the couple used to relaxing in front of the camera. Come on – how many of us really enjoy posing for the camera unless you’re a supermodel on the catwalk? I can hear all the photographers running for cover from here smiley. But, with a little guidance and half an hour later the difference can be amazing.

Third, it gives people the chance to see that they can and do look good in photos.

Last, but not least any potential customers can really see if they like my style and want to hire me for the big day!

Anyway, if you want to have a look at we came up with have a look here.

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