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A Swift One…

General Posted on Sun, September 04, 2011 22:32:52

I’m a photographer – I love photography. These days I specialise more in weddings and portraits but my love of photography started way before then and I still enjoy just getting out and about with my camera.

Most people have cameras with them 24/7 these days – it’s called a phone! But I tend to have one of my DSLR cameras pretty close to hand, just in case, and I was really glad I did the other day.

I looked out of the window of the building I happened to be working in and there sitting on the fence was a a row of Swifts. Then out of nowhere a parent flew down and fed one of the birds and was off again. They’re not called Swifts for nothing! So I grabbed my camera, dialled in some settings that I hoped would catch the action but still show some movement to add to the dynamism of the shot and focussed on one of the babies. It took some patience and a couple of goes to get the timing right but I was pretty pleased with the result…

Just goes to show you never know when one of these moments will present itself and any good photographer will be prepared!

Edit: I’ve since been told (by someone who knows these things) that these are Swallows, not Swifts! Apparently once Swifts can fly then that’s it, that’s pretty much all they do! Oh well, these guys were so fast they’re pretty swift too!

Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

General Posted on Fri, June 18, 2010 01:45:59

Right – I’ve decided it really about time I put my butt in gear and woke up this sleeping blog.

Wedding Tales has been coming on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years but I admit I’ve been extemely slack (ie doing nothing) with this blog. So watch this space…

First Post

General Posted on Wed, June 25, 2008 22:38:09

Welcome to my blog! smiley

The main purpose of the site is to keep people up to date with what’s been, what is and what will be happening at Wedding Tales Photography.

There has been a lot going on in the background, with the development of my new main site ( and the bookings starting to come in.

In the meantime I’ll be keeping people informed here.

If you have any questions or just feel like leaving a message please feel free (but anything rude, unsavoury or downright illegal will be removed immediately smiley– you have been warned!)