Simon and Nikki were married last weekend and even though they probably couldn’t have been much further from Scotland if they had tried, that didn’t stop the wedding from being a very Scottish affair, right from the very off…

But more of that later. First to the bride, Nikki. She needed a little help from her bridesmaids while getting ready…

… and then came that moment.

Now there’s a few golden rules that I have as a photographer and one of them is that I can never, ever be late! So after hearing that the Manston Air Show had caused quite a few traffic problems in the area I set off for the church a little earlier than I had intended to. When I got there the guests gathering outside the church were treated to a display that could have been organised just for them.

And it gave Simon something else to focus on whilst waiting for the guests who got caught up in the air-show traffic.

One of the wedding party who did get a little stuck in traffic just happened to be one of the bridesmaids!

Not exactly easy running in heels and a dress like that (or so I imagine anyway!).

But everything was fine and Nikki was serenaded to the church by the sound of the pipes.

And Simon finally got to see his wife-to-be.

After the ceremony and signing of the registers, it was time for Simon to walk his wife Nikki, back down the aisle and out into the sunshine for that first kiss as husband and wife.

We then set off for Russell Gardens – a beautiful setting to take some portraits of the happy couple.

And so on to the reception where the scottish theme continued, particularly apparent on the fantastic cake that was on display.

Next it was time for the speeches, closely followed by two first dances, one being Nikki’s choice and the other being Simon’s.

Then came an evening of good food, one or two drinks and dancing.

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