I’m fortunate enough to be photographing Rob and Suzanne’s wedding this coming Saturday. I say fortunate for so many reasons… They are a great couple, have chosen a really fantastic venue with loads of photographic opportunities and they are really up for having their photograph taken! But there’s something which has helped them feel just a little more assured about having a lens pointed at them… a pre-wedding shoot.

Rob and Suzie chose the location for this one – a lovely National Trust wooded area close to their home which was perfect.

I love pre-wedding shoots! It gives both couple and me some time together so we can get to know each other that little bit better and, as I said, the couple get used to feeling of someone constantly pointing a big camera and lens at them (even if I am lurking in the grass) – lets face it, it’s going to happen quite a few times on the day!

But probably most important for me is the opportunity I have just to give couples a few basic pointers about how to stand, what to do with their hands, just posing generally and a little guidance can make such a huge difference!

When I took the very first photos of both Rob and Suzie I just asked them to pose and I didn’t give them any direction. Well I won’t put those photos up here – actually I think I’ve already deleted them! Then with a small bit of help from me they soon looked like they’d been doing this for years – they started to do the things I said naturally which leads to really natural, relaxed photos.

So on their wedding day Rob and Suzie can relax that bit more, safe in the knowledge they will look stunning in their photos because they’ve already got a set where they look just that.

Can’t wait for Saturday now!