The phenomenon that is Facebook is pretty amazing and it’s here to stay.
According the Facebook website they currently have over 500 million
active users and over half of them log in on a daily basis. WOW!

So it’s pretty unsurprising really that in more and more of the enquiries we’ve been getting here at Wedding Tales, couples have been asking about whether they can put their images on social networking sites like Facebook and it’s easy to understand why. Once the images are uploaded all the friends and family of the bride and groom can instantly see the wedding photos and leave comments.

So here at Wedding Tales Photography we’ve listened to what you want. From now on all of the couples who choose Wedding Tales Photography to be their wedding photographer will get ALL of the photos from their day on a CD. The images will be resized, compressed and optimised for viewing on computer monitors (you won’t have to worry about the technical stuff as we’ll do it for you!). That means the the files will be super quick to upload and look fantastic. But what it also means is that the files are not suitable for printing (you could try but they will look rubbish!). To have files from which prints can be made couples will still need to order the high-resolution files separately.

And the best bit – no matter what coverage or package you would like, you’ll get the CD of the low-resolution, web-optimised files at no extra cost! Oh yeah, the files are ideal for e-mailing too!