Take 10 photographers, 6 models, 2 make-up artists and an abandoned hospital somewhere in Essex and what do you get?

A brilliant opportunity to muck about with lighting techniques, try some new stuff and improve on the stuff you’re already doing! So the Kent strobist group headed off north of the Thames and had a brilliant time, made all the easier by having a friendly group of models. They were there to hopefully get some great stuff for their portfolios and because just enjoy doing this sort of thing.

With weddings you can’t afford to be experimental on the day – c’mon this is someones big day and that would just be wrong – so these shoots are perfect way to muck around and know you’ll be able to repeat it quickly and easily.

Below are just a few from the 5 or so hours we were there and show you the sort of cool photos I love to take, even in a dark, miserable, decaying, abandoned hospital…you’ve just got to add some fun!