When I was young – more years ago than I care to remember! – I wasn’t really into photography, mainly because the cost was too prohibitive. I remember going away on school trips and the like with a 110 camera and a 24 frame film. No flash though as I couldn’t afford the flash cubes that you had to buy! I’d take the film down to the local chemist and eagerly wait a week or so to find most of the shots were complete rubbish.

Nowadays, with digital photography so affordable and no processing costs to consider things are very different and there’s no reason not to start when you’re very young.

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My daughter has always taken an interest in my photography, so when we bought her a Fisher Price digital camera ,when she was three, she was overjoyed – and she has shown a certain flair for it as well. I’m looking over my shoulder! It may not be the best camera in the world, but for her it was just perfect with a double viewfinder and it’s virtually indestructible (this has been tested on concrete more than once!).

Now we go out together and take our cameras to wherever and whatever we fancy taking photos of and compare our results. Whilst her camera may not have the megapixels and control of my DSLR, composition and an eye for what makes for an interesting shot is there whatever the camera. It is also giving her the opportunity to document the world through her eyes and to record the things that are important to her, even though she probably doesn’t even realise it yet.