Tomorrow I’m off to assist another Kent photographer with a shoot he’s undertaking.

Not a wedding this time, but a HUGE party and the hosts have asked him to capture anything and everything that happens, including kicking off with some portraits of their family members right up to the fireworks at the the end of the evening!

I’m sure it’s going to hard work but should also be a lot of fun!

I’m beginning to find that here in Kent there are many fellow photographers who, rather than keep themselves to themselves and jealously guard their business, are willing to help eachother out and share experiences. It’s almost like a small community in itself.

So why would businesses that are ‘competing’ against each other be willing to share and help one another?

Well, often it’s not possible to do a shoot on your own, particularly with all the equipment that is sometimes required. So you need someone who is reliable and willing to carry the heavy bags, help set up the lighting and sometimes second shoot. For the person who’s doing the assisting it’s a great way of learning how other photographers work, picking up tips and tricks etc.

It also seems to me that normally those that are open and willing to welcome fellow photographers are the ones who are confident in their own talents and businesses (normally justifiably so!). Plus each photogrpaher will have something sightly different to offer so even the most established ones realise there’s always something new to try or learn.

So at the end of the day, hopefully it’s a win-win situation. I know that I would not dream of treading on anyone’s ‘business toes’ (I’d like to think I’m more professional than that!smiley).

Hopefully the weather will be on our side, as it’s pretty much an outdoor event, and once I’ve recovered I’ll post about how we got on.